Sunday, January 12, 2020

beach of broken glass- revision

She takes my hand by surprise
I was merely floating?
She convinces me I was drowning
I can see clearly the image she's planted- myself under the water gasping, straining for any source of rescue
She pulls me ashore
Offers me false air to restore my lungs
It stings as I inhale
Though it tastes refreshing- dancing on my tongue 
My life feels brand new
We've met before in passing
The monster in my head and I
Now, she is me
Long curly dark hair, pale skin, green sunken eyes
I depend on her
Without me she cannot survive
Twisted together like two roots growing down the same path
Like two lovers who dare not part ways until the bittersweet end
What a beautiful tragedy
She doesn't allow me to swim
At fear I might not return 
To the shore of "safety" she's created for us to exist on
There's no freedom on her sand
Rules are always here
She gives promises she cannot uphold
Screams at me with every change of the wind
The wind tries to fall silent in return
I want to swim away from the beach now
I'm realizing her ways are like her sister's 
A figment of my imagination, no doubt
That relationship took up all that I was
Now teetering with nothing left to give
She wants it all- my entire soul
A beach full of broken glass has become home
In sand of shards I play
I pick up a hand full to see blood glistening in the sun's rays
Risking my very life
It's what she wants and I love her 
Yet, I'd see anything to see her go
In truth she'll never leave me
I must be the one to swim
Away from the beach of broken glass
Returning to participate, floating in life once again

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