Saturday, February 1, 2020

two boxes

Two sisters I know deeply. 
They have been placed in boxes. As if a box could contain them. 
They prefer the mind as a home.
One of the boxes is shiny and alluring like a picturesque sunset.
The other faded, often hidden as a secret fueled by shame.

Both sisters make promises they cannot possibly uphold. "Do as I say, I will make you happy."
Meet them with great warning:

Your soul they will keep.

Some view the girls as best friends. Others, foes. 
I say they're monsters of the mind.
Presented in two boxes. 
The sisters will fool you. Though, in different ways. 
Each convincing you her way is the answer to every question. 

The poison you choose to consume has little to do with how well you play the game.
The key is not what you are consuming.
But, how consumed you are by one or both of their wits. 

Once opened, almost impossible to close. 
I've met the girl, the monster, in each box. And, consequently been put in boxes myself.
The outter box may morph. 
The inner pain, deep rooted, remains the same.
So, I ask:
"Which one will you listen to?"
Shiny or dull?
It matters not.

I've entrusted my life to both sisters. 
Yet, I still stand today.
On the path where pride wrestles shame.
I walk.
A little bit more hesitant each day. Though questions come up. Confidence in them I do not lack.

They play two different games. With two sets of rules. 
The cost to play and win is life.
Stay away from the boxes. 
Without warning the sisters will bite. 
You'll be playing a game of life and death. 
Once the lid is off. 

Two boxes there are. Which come in many forms . 
Disguised as shiny and ideal, dull and weak.
Somewhere in between the spectrum you may fall. 
Do not cram yourself in a box.
Please hear this warning:

Beware my dear.

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