Monday, April 13, 2020

the stumble


It was innocent
She, I, veered at photos
Photos from long ago
Barely a woman staring back

Dead eyes
No smile

I remember the time as a blur
That dress
The scale
The tube

Haunting images
Skin and bones

Yet, as miserable as I was
I want her back
Not the person
Just the body

To ask

Now I sit in tears
Refusing who I am;
A sister, poet, and friend
Someone in recovery

Toss me?
Keep her?

There is no place where we collide
It's me or her
You see?
I know

And, thus begins
The fight again

Friday, April 10, 2020

the scale: revision

You are below me
Like an ant to a tree branch
You are physically on the ground
My mind conjours this up: to get even I must now down
I intently focus on whatever number you spit out
It means nothing to you which I cannot fathom
Years of my life I worshipped
That definition of my worth
I cried, begged, and pleaded you to change your mind about me
Lost in a losing game
Now, here is a reality check
You define gravity
But certainly not me

box: revision

She confined me in a box.
Now I, her.
We are not even though.
She stole a piece of my soul.
Like a thief in the night.
I want it back.
Unfortunately, there is no way.
I instead have to regrow.
What I now lack I will not quite ever have back.
She has not won.
She's equipped with words but no gun.
I will grow and flourish.
A brand new me.
Whole, yet new.
Green to the world.
A box with a pretty now no more.

Sunday, April 5, 2020


Mother Earth became weary
From pollution and noise
She sent forth a virus
To vacate her lands

The virus grew
Causing people to fear
Mother Earth rested
As the people dropped tears

From the grounds sprang spring
Signs of new life
While living stayed
Mostly cooped inside

As Mother Earth regenerated
People realized their gratitude's
Zoom became of high demand
In place of a hug

No one shall know
What happens in the future
But Mother Earth
Got her well deserved rest

And, people?
They got to understand
That they need people

And, the Earth